Hemp Rope Doggie Bag

Our Mellow Muttley Doggie Bag takes the confusion out of what toys are best for your dog. This Eco friendly rope kit, is a favourite with all dogs. Made from hemp, your pup will love to work away chewing at the variety of rope shapes.

Balls, wreath, tuggers and throwers. A cute handy drawstring bag means you can tidy them away, and keep your kit together.

This 8 piece pack contains:

  • Hemp Wreath
  • Hemp tugger
  • Hemp ball x2 shapes
  • Hemp thrower x 2 shapes
  • Hemp chewer x 2 shapes
In our Mellow Muttley Canvas drawstring Bag

      Vet Tip:

      Don’t give all the toys to your puppy all at once. Toys are best appreciated when used in rotation, so your dog doesn’t get bored with them.

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