About Us

Can you believe it, we use to be a cat family! Enter two dogs Hiro and Gizmo to change all that.

We are a weighted blanket loving family thanks to our sister business Sensory Sam, and noticed our more anxious dog Hiro (the Japanese spitz) always wanted to share the blanket (or hog it), so we set about to make the perfect dog friendly version. After more than a few samples later the Mellow Muttley dog weighted anxiety blanket was born.

We have centred Mellow Muttley products around the issue of calming canines, as many dogs have anxiety the owners anxiety issues! Now if only we can find something to keep Gizmo the Griffon from weeing on the rug!

We hope your dog loves these products as we did designing them.
x Allanah, Adam , kids and pooches