Dog Anxiety

Dog Anxiety

It has been found that 20-40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Like people dogs also react to stressful situations, and they display their emotions in different ways. Most dog owners have had some experience at try-ing to deal with their anxious pets.

Dog anxiety is triggered by a number of factors. Some of the most common reasons are separation from family members (their pack!), loud noises such as thunderstorms, and confinement which makes the dog feel trapped.

When a dog experiences fear it may stick in their memory and generate a negative response from your pet each time it happens.. Dogs may also develop phobias for certain objects, people or specific situations depending on past traumatic experiences.

Its hard to know sometimes if it is anxiety or plain old bad behaviour. Some of the symptoms you should look out for include constant barking and howling, toileting issues, aggression, withdrawal, and chewing (although all puppies go through this phase). Some dogs are escape artists, some bolt some dig. Before treating your dog for anxiety, it’s important that you first understand the source of stress.

How to help your dog
First, make a vet appointment to rule out rule out any medical issues. Second, always remain calm and consistent when dealing with an anxious dog. Punishment, or yelling will do little to change the behavior and will only in-crease the stress levels.

  • Exercise: Start a physical exercise routine, they will love it, Exercise helps decrease stress in both human and canines.
  • Teach your dog to be alone: Training your dog to be independent can help him cope better when left alone. Start with leaving them just a few minutes then gradually repeat, increasing the time you are away.
  • Crate training: When done properly , crate training can give your dog some safe, quiet alone time in their own space. To help them see the crate as a ‘happy place’ pop in their favourite toy or blanket.
  • Anxiety aids: There are many products on the market that aid dog anxiety. Weighted blankets, beds, special toys, clothes and sprays.

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