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Checkmate Bed-Blanket Combo

Get all 'Matchy Matchy' with our bold "Checkmate" Blanket- Mattress combo and a discount too.


Small Mattress (70x50cm) and blanket (1.8kg 61x81cm)

Medium Mattress (89x70cm) and Blanket (2.3kg 81x102cm)

Large Mattress (110x89cm) and Blanket (3.2kg 101x120cm)

The Mellow Mattress is a thick stuffed full with memory foam, so it won't flatten away to nothing like cheaper dacron stuffed dog beds. It offers amazing comfort to soothe aches and pains in older dog and can  help calm the younger ones.

Cool reversible, soft minky fabric cover design, easily removed for washing, quick drying, ‘cause them canines sure like to get dirty!  Included is an optional waterproof underlay, for dogs that are not potty trained, or older dogs.

Why use a Dog Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets work by providing input to deep pressure touch receptors (DPT).
DPT helps the body chillax, like a giant cuddle for your furry family members. Around here we like to keep the “grey away” with our funky colourful designs on soft minky fabric. Comes with optional waterproof underlay.


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So what's it made of then?

Our cute, playful cover designs are made with a soft minky fabric (polyester) that can be easily removed for washing.
Hidden zip to prevent chewing.
Inner: High quality shredded memory foam.
Comes with optional waterproof underlay.

What size is best for my dog?

If in doubt size up, your dog will thank you for the extra real estate!

small 70x50cm for dogs under 10kg
medium 89 x70 cm for dogs 10-20kg
large 110 x 89cm for dogs 20kg upwards


Indoor use only to prevent  fading