Cuddle Coat in Pac-dog

The Coat works by essentially wrapping your pup, providing a calming, soothing, constant pressure on your dog’s body. This is called DPT (deep pressure touch) , and creates a calm feeling. Basically it’s like a wearable hug!
If you need to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, travel stress, fireworks, thunder fears a Cuddle coat is a great solution.

 Hey, and it also adds that little extra warmth when that temperature drops a little below comfy!

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What's it made of?

Breathable polyester spandex outer
Cotton elastine lining
Adjustable velcro fasteners

We like patterns at Mellow Muttley, not plain, so your dog will look stylish to boot!

How Long Can You Keep the Cuddle Coat on a Dog?

If need be, the dog can wear the Cuddle Coat all day long, however, it is advised to remove the coat for about 10 minutes every couple of hours in order to avoid irritation. Sleeping in it is fine as long as the dog seems comfortable.

While is it essential that the coat is not too tight, if it is too loose, it won’t work. You must keep it fastened close to your dog’s body in a snug wrap (like a baby swaddle).